Did You Pick a Good Blogging Partner?

I did.

I chose to lover with Sue Ann to release our running a blog program.

We had really serious resonance. Wonderful vibes. Acquired along nicely. We also have a very similar everyday living eyesight as significantly as how we deal with running a blog as a business. Generosity and integrity are two important buzzwords. From there, it produced perfect perception to lover with her when she questioned me to co-release a running a blog program with her. Why the heck not? We’ve acknowledged each for a long time, we get along nicely and we both equally value each other’s operate. No brainer.


…..some bloggers do not pick fantastic running a blog companions. Why? Dread. Greed. Desperation. Greed probable will come to the entrance of my thoughts. Bloggers see greenback symptoms and blind pitch anyone. Or, greedy bloggers gobble up any partnership chance with any Tom, Dick or Harry who cyber stumbles upon them. I remember getting pitched remaining and correct by way of a nicely acknowledged net promoting international. Comprehensive, utter strangers despatched me messages, asking me to release merchandise with them by way of joint ventures. Huh? You are a stranger. I have no thought who you are, and what you worth, and your integrity (or absence thereof), so why in the heck would I go into business with you?

Envision this scenario, my Youthful Blogging Padawans: you discover on your own strolling down the road. All of the unexpected, a comprehensive stranger walks up to you, and these are his initially phrases:

“Would you like to go into business with me?”

Does not that sound crazy? Nuts? Dude is a comprehensive stranger. Dudette is a comprehensive stranger? They can be an ax murderer, for all you know. No believe in. No bond. No tale. No trustworthiness. Still, this comprehensive, utter stranger wishes you two to go into business with each other, rendering worth, managing countless numbers to perhaps hundreds of thousands of bucks? Crazy. Nuts! Still again and again, this distinct scenario unfolds online. Just as weird. Just as weird. A comprehensive stranger pitches me by way of a forum concept. He wishes to do business with me. Can you see why so numerous business partnerships switch South? Do you understand why money issues, authorized issues and hell, all sorts of issues, ensue, the instant you pick out to do running a blog business with a stranger?

No believe in. No bond. Massive time issues.

Choose Trustworthy Companions

Have confidence in develops in excess of months, and a long time. Two bloggers admire a person another from afar. Then, in excess of time, by aiding each other with no agendas, bonds kind. Individuals link to a person another. Bloggers steadily turn into buddies. Equally of you like each other’s running a blog operate. Design and style resonance. Equally of you believe in each other. So at this issue – and this issue, by yourself – you have the likely for a business partnership.

I co-produced a person program and engaged in lesser partnerships only by bonding with fellow bloggers. Have confidence in arrived initially. Then, the business undertaking. Desire that you have a stellar bond between two individuals who genuinely know, like and believe in each other. Under no circumstances chase money. Under no circumstances chase gains. Business enterprise must be all about the procedure of aiding other human beings as opposed to hoping to squeeze moolah out of individuals, like, wringing a wet dish fabric. Concentrate on the procedure, not the results. Lover with bloggers centered heavily on the procedure as opposed to results.

Certain, all will take off swimmingly with your running a blog partnership. All will move seamlessly. Earnings – finally – will move in much too, as both equally companions obtain better clarity in the running a blog procedure. Win-gain. But only simply because you built the basis of believe in, upon which you labored the partnership.


Do you truly feel a little bit shed in this lover-trying to find procedure? Never sweat it! I got ya protected. I wrote an Book to aid you basically switch down likely partnerships where your fellow blogger begins flashing some really serious red flags.

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